Yoga Sandbags


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Yoga Sandbags are great tools to use for intensifying your stretch in any Yoga posture. The convenient handles let you hold the sandbag in a variety of different ways without compromising the posture. Our Yoga Sandbags come unfilled, which both saves you money on shipping, and also allows you the freedom to adjust the weight of the bag. The cover and interior bag can be easily machine washed, and the sturdy handles are reinforced with stitching to prevent overstressing. Each Yoga Sandbag measures 191mm x 419mm (7.5in x 16.5in).

  • 191mm x 419mm
  • Sandbag is ready to be filled to any desired weight
  • Durable, machine washable cotton exterior
  • Inner bag is strong enough to hold up to 10lbs of sand
  • Individually wrapped

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